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Our Story

Violet's Vintage (@violetsvintageni), was founded by Rebecca Ellis in May 2020. A creative endeavour in which she launched from her bedroom in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland with just an IKEA clothing rail and 10 killer vintage pieces from BHS to Eastex and more. 

Rebecca pulled the name 'Violet's Vintage' from her journal, lovingly naming the business after her late Granny Vi (Violet Johnston) of Newtonstewart, Northern Ireland. She says this was a little nod to the memory of Violet.

Rebecca recalls Violet's sense of style - from pleated skirts, to colourful shirts and jumper combinations. Not to mention her admiration for handbags, which has evidently been passed down through the generations. Over the years, Rebecca remembers sitting with her mother at the kitchen table, analysing in awe photographs as far back as 1944, wherein the women wore berets and tea dresses - they still like to flip through the albums to this day for inspiration.

Going back to Violet - Violet was very much a doting grandparent to Rebecca, who grew up having sleepovers 'down home'. Here they would binge Celebrity Big Brother, garlic cubes from Charlie's Spar and often sit up until 3am, just to natter over a cup of tea. Violet passed away on the 1st of January 2009 and is sorely missed by the entire family circle. Rebecca hopes that she has Violet's support and is doing something today, that will make her proud. 

Our Mission

At Violet's Vintage it is our mission to source quality true vintage, thrifted and preloved clothing for your perusal. At present we sow, stitch and steam every piece by hand, before photographing and listing items on our official website.

Thus we are a one man band on a mission to reuse, recycle and reduce our footprint by promoting #secondhand fashion. In-fact we're going to back this up by using statistics. Did you know that up to 84% of clothing ends up in landfill? In the UK alone! We have a choice and a responsibility here. Every time you and I purchase second hand, we automatically extend the life of clothes already in production and with these purchases we openly choose not to support the fast fashion brand that created the garment initially, but instead we send a message that we want slower style and consumption.   

and finally...


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is the owner and founder of Violet's Vintage (@violetsvintageni). She is a multi-hyphenate individual, who will literally put her hand to anything - whether that's upcycling furniture or fixing old clothes, she is passionate about it all.

Rebecca heralds from a small town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and at the tender age of 24 enjoys 90's metal, vintage, thrifting, interiors and travelling with her best friend and fiancé Mr McNamee.

Rebecca fell into fashion, after her redundancy with Laura Ashley in March 2020. She says that having little money to spare, she began upcycling and thrifting where she could, sharing her sustainable experiences on Instagram stories. And in May 2020, Rebecca quickly shifted a new interest, into what is now a full time business, run from her family home in Tyrone.